German days in Petrozavodsk 2019 are devoted to 30 years of cooperation between Petrozavodsk and Tübingen



In 2019 Petrozavodsk celebrates 30 years anniversary of sister-relations with Tübingen (Germany). The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Mayor of Tübingen, Eugen Schmidt, and the Mayor of Petrozavodsk, Pavel Peschenko in 1989.

During these 30 years of cooperation Petrozavodsk and Tübingen had a lot of different projects and events in almost all spheres. Our cities have strong educational, social, scientific and cultural relations. There are regular exchanges of schoolchildren, teachers, athletes, and specialists in various fields. Different youth contacts are developing between the cities.

In 2014 for the 25-th anniversary of sister-relations the most part of events took place in Tübingen. “The Karelian week” and a variety of cultural and professional exchanges were held. There were different solemn anniversary events, exhibitions and conferences. An official Petrozavodsk delegation visited Tübingen. The events received wide coverage in the local press.

This year the host of celebrations is Petrozavodsk. In autumn traditionally German Days will be held here. This year they are devoted to Tübingen. The “Papilio + Gobelin” theater troupe from Tübingen come again to Petrozavodsk to stage a joint puppet show together with Boris Kudriavtsev – a puppet master from Petrozavodsk. They will give a performance on A. Pushkin's fairy tale (in 2019 it is 220 anniversary since the birth of the famous Russian poet).

One more coming significant event is a concert of the choir Prresto from Tübingen. The official delegation from Tübingen is going to visit the Karelian capital as well. Different contests, quizzes, exhibitions, seminars and lectures traditionally will be held within the German days. The Days of German cinema and theatre performances will be one of the most expected events.

The start to the program will be given in September 3 with the photo exhibition “Tübingen – Petrozavodsk. Double reflection.”. Nowadays the application of photos for the contest is open till March 29. The winner of the contest from Tübingen will come to Petrozavodsk in September and vice-a-versa.