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German Days in Petrozavodsk 2018


In autumn 2018, residents and guests of the Karelian capital were able to become better acquainted with various aspects of the life of modern Germany, its history and culture.

German days this year were devoted to the 35th anniversary of sister-cities relations between Petrozavodsk and Neubrandenburg. That is why the program began with a quiz for the residents of Petrozavodsk “Our sister city Neubrandenburg”. The winners were awarded in the Petrozavodsk City Administration by Oberbürgermeister of Neubrandenburg S. Witt. The ceremony took place after the opening of the exhibition “Friendship! Freundschaft!” devoted to the history of relations between Neubrandenburg and Petrozavodsk.

The Oberbürgermeister of Neubrandenburg visited Petrozavodsk at the head of the official delegation and together with the youth string orchestra “De Grooten Striekers”. The visit of the delegation and the performance of the orchestra became a significant event of German days in Petrozavodsk. In October in honor of the 35th anniversary a solemn evening and a joint concert of youth orchestras from the two cities took place.

During the visit, young musicians from Neubrandenburg took part in the so-called “house concert” at the International Youth Center and visited School № 30, where they were able to communicate with Petrozavodsk peers. The joint concert of young musicians from Petrozavodsk and Neubrandenburg on the stage of the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory Concert Hall on October 12, 2018 was directed by W. Hasleder and N. Kotov.

The next memorable cultural event was the performance of the “Papilio + Gobelin” theater troupe from Tübingen. Actresses A. Rosenfelder and J. Wagler conducted master classes for students and teachers of Petrozavodsk State University, heads of theater groups of city schools, young talents at the International Youth Center. For the little spectators they showed the play “Stories of the Clay”. Also, the actresses took part in the Jury of the annual German Recitation Contest “Listen, I'll recite you!”.

Traditionally, a series of open lectures on the history and traditions of Germany, as well as a series of seminars and events for the study of the German language took place in Petrozavodsk. One of the most expected events were days of German cinema and the theatre performance „Marat / de Sade“ by German director J. Rösing. Moreover, various photos and poster exhibitions worked in Petrozavodsk during the German days.

This year, the exhibition of works by the founder of the Finnish photography “Photograph Inha: Karelia minus 124” was part of the program of the Days of Germany in Petrozavodsk. Dr. Herbert Kratser, the chairman of the society "Germany - Finland" in Tubingen delivered a lecture on the life and work of Into Konrad Inha "In the footsteps of Kalevala".

The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in St. Petersburg E.Aderhold visited Petrozavodsk in December 2018 and highly appreciated the level of Petrozavodsk’s cooperation with Tübingen and Neubrandenburg.